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Two Million Dollar Cent

Welcome back to Something About Coins! A two million dollar cent made headlines today in coin news. Other stories include the internet’s impact on the coin market, the alleged largest coin collection, and a brass razoo. The United States Mint will soon be releasing their coin cover for the Johnson Presidential Dollar, and a coin [...]

Ancient Coins, Dahlonega Dollars, Royal Wedding Commemoratives

Welcome back to Something About Coins! Today’s articles cover ancient coins, Dahlonega Mint gold dollars, and the 1859-S Seated Liberty dollar. New coin issues will be Royal Wedding commemorative coins and a rupee coin featuring the Sri Lanka Air Force. Enjoy! NGC Ancients: Ten Reasons to Consider Ancients, Since at least the early 14th [...]

Gold and Silver American Eagles

Welcome to Something About Coins! Below are coin headlines from around the web. US Mint Gold and Silver Eagle Bullion Coin Sales in February 2011, The pace of US Mint bullion coin sales slowed in February 2011 against January, but authorized dealers ordered more Silver Eagles and more Gold Eagles when compared to the [...]

Quarter Design, $3 Gold Coin Set

Quarter Design, $3 Gold Coin Set

Welcome to Something About Coins! A call for coin designers has been made; Great Basin National Park Quarter designs will be accepted until March 2. The Professional Coin Grading Service (PCGS) will exhibit a 36-coin $3 Gold Coin Set in Sacramento. The silver Nicholas von Jacquin coin, the platinum Australian platypus coin, and the Franz [...]