Counterfeit Coins

High-Tech Coins, Columbian Republic Gold Coins

Welcome to Something About Coins! The Canadians could make their $1 and $2 into high-tech coins with security features. Dr. Frank Sedwick’s collection of Colombian Republic gold coins will be up for auction in April. Doug Winter investigates the current market for Carson City half eagles, and Steve Roach looks into the high end of [...]

Army Commemorative Coins, 2011 Kennedy Half Dollars

Welcome back to Something About Coins! The latest U.S. Mint commemorative coins, the 2011 Army Commemorative Coins, are on the market and selling well. Another new release is the 2011 Kennedy Half Dollars. An announcement from the state of Washington regarding thousands of counterfeit coins is circulating the web. A new eco-coin from the United [...]

US Mint 2011 Products, Detecting Altered Coins

Welcome to Something About Coins! The U.S. Mint’s 2011 product calendar has been out for a while, but now their introductory prices are known, since they have been published through the Federal Register, reports. The Professional Coin Grading Service (PCGS) posted another informative video on You Tube about their computer program that detects altered [...]