Archaeological Coin Discoveries

2010 American Quarters, Roman Coins Unearthed, Roosevelt Dimes Considered

Welcome back to Something About Coins! Today’s buzz is all about the new eleven year quarters program. States across America are talking about their own national park/site featured in the new U.S. Mint program. Coin news is also circulating about the ancient coins found in a cave outside of Jerusalem. As another item, Numismaster has [...]

UHR Gold Coin Order Limits Change, Viking Treasure, 2009 Lincoln Cent Proof Sets

Welcome to Something About Coins! Popular topics on the web right now are about the U.S. Mint changing limits on the UHR $20 Gold Coins, the Viking treasure soon to go on display, and the 2009 Lincoln Cent Proof Sets. Starting on Monday, the 31st, the US Mint will allow everyone to purchase up to 25 of [...]