American Eagles April Summary

Welcome back to Something About Coins! Reports on the gold and silver bullion American Eagles summarize strong sales in April. The U.S. Mint launched another Presidential $1 Coin and First Spouse Medal Set, and NumisMaster gives a historical look at the half dime. Enjoy!

April Gold Eagle Bullion Coin Sales Surge,
United States Mint sales of American Gold Eagle bullion coins surged in April 2011, surpassing the previous month’s levels, those from the same period of a year ago and ranking as one of the best April’s in history. United States Mint Authorized Purchasers picked up 108,000 ounces of 22-karat bullion coins in April, handily topping the 73,500 sold in March 2011 by 34,500, or 46.9 percent, and the 60,500 sold in April 2010 by 47,500, or 78.5 percent. American Gold Eagle bullion coin sales were led by the largest one ounce size ... Click for coin article

2011 Silver Eagle Bullion Coin Sales Record Best Ever April,
Bullion American Silver Eagle coins continued to sell at a record pace in April 2011 as silver spent most of the month racing to fresh thirty-one year highs. April 2011 ranks as the 13th best month for the .999 fine silver coins, and the best ever April. Sales were 1.9 percent higher than in March 2011 and 12.4 percent more than the same period last year. United States Mint Authorized Purchasers (APs) ordered 2,819,000 Silver Eagles last month, blasting it into the best April category by a margin of over 300,000 coins. Year-to-date sales ... Click for coin article

Johnson Presidential $1 Coin and First Spouse Medal Set,
Collectors may order the Johnson Presidential $1 Coin and First Spouse Medal Set from the United States Mint. The set, which includes an uncirculated numismatic version of the Andrew Johnson Presidential $1 and a bronze medal featuring the likeness shown on the Eliza Johnson First Spouse Gold Coin, went on sale Thursday for a price of $14.95, plus shipping and handling. Andrew Johnson was the 17th President of the United States, and served with his wife Eliza at his side between 1865 and 1869 ... Click for coin article

Half Dime Enjoyed a Long History,
The five-cent “nickel” has been around more than 140 years, but it’s just a youngster compared to the silver half dime. The half dime originated during George Washington’s presidency and lasted until 1873, seven years after the nickel’s arrival made the it redundant. The Act of April 2, 1792, authorized the half dime four months before construction of the Mint began. Initially, it was called the “half disme,” but its pronunciation and background are mostly a matter of speculation. Hard facts about the first half dismes are as scarce as the coins ... Click for coin article

Ex-cons make a killing in coins,
Dozens of people with long rap sheets have worked for metro coin companies since the '90s. Robert Earl Gundy already had a conviction for theft when International Rarities Group in Minneapolis trained him in 1998 to pitch gold and silver coins to its clients. Over the years, the 52-year-old Bloomington man added convictions for attempts to pass bad checks and several more thefts. But this record didn't stop him from getting hired at one Twin Cities coin firm after another -- Midas Resources, PFG Coin and Bullion, ... Click for coin article

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