2011 Uncirculated American Gold Eagles

Welcome back to Something About Coins! The U.S. Mint released their 2011 Uncirculated American Gold Eagles today. Silver prices are trending downward, but many collectors were able to sell their silver dollars and commemoratives while the precious metal was peaking. Jack Ahr, coin designer of the Bicentennial quarter, was recently spotted at a coin show. An authentic 1792 Peruvian 8 Escudo gold coin is part of a coin sweepstakes sponsored by Goldline International, Inc. Enjoy!

2011 Uncirculated American Gold Eagle Released, coinnews.net
For the first time in three years, collectors may purchase an uncirculated American Gold Eagle from the United States Mint. The one ounce, 22-karat gold coin went on sale Thursday at 12:00 noon ET with an opening price of $1,778.00. The United States Mint produces three types of American Gold Eagles — two collector versions that feature a unique proof and uncirculated finish with both bearing the West Point ("W") mint mark, and an investment-grade bullion coin that does not have a special finish or mint mark. In appearance, the ... Click for coin article

Silver Slides After Near Record Highs, numismaster.com
Were you a seller? People who sold their common silver, such as modern commemorative silver dollars for over $37 each when silver traded over $49 an ounce during the Central States Numismatic Society convention in late April for the moment are champions of market timing. By May 4, silver had plunged $10 from its lofty heights to $39.387 an ounce. At that price the silver in a silver dollar is worth roughly $30.50 – if you can find someone to pay full value. Silver knocked on the door of the $50 price both April 28 and April 29 during ... Click for coin article

Gold, silver prices rise, creating boom for dealers, billingsgazette.com
With silver nearing $40 an ounce and gold passing $1,500 an ounce, business is booming for Ardie’s Coins in Billings. Owner Ardie Halvorson said business was slow only two or three days in April. “We have been busy, or busier, than our Christmas season,” Halvorson said. Halvorson said he usually sees about 120 people a day during the holiday season at his Grand Avenue store. In recent weeks, he saw at least 150 customers a day. Between 10 and 15 people have lined up before the store opens to sell or buy. Halvorson said that’s ... Click for coin article

Ahr you coming?, blog.numismaticnews.net
I received a Bicentennial quarter in my change yesterday when I paid for my lunch at the Crystal Cafe. These quarters are not unknown in circulation, but they are not encountered often. I make a point of getting this design back into circulation when I can. It’s an old habit that long pre-dates the state quarters. With so many state designs in circulation nowadays, few probably notice the drummer design on the reverse of the 1776-1976 quarter. It was designed by Jack L. Ahr, who won a competition run by the Mint to select designs for the ... Click for coin article

Goldline Intl sponsoring antique coin giveaway, commodityonline.com
Goldline International, Inc is sponsoring an antique gold coin giveaway as well as the distribution of exclusive, limited quantity Disney “Pieces of Eight” tribute coins in celebration of the four week run of Disney’s “Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides” at Hollywood’s historic El Capitan Theatre. The El Capitan engagement will run from May 20 through June 22, 2011. An exclusive collection of props and costumes direct from the movie will be on display. “We are proud to join with the El Capitan Theatre in honoring the ..." Click for coin article

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