America the Beautiful Quarters 3-Coin Set, Magnolia Collection of Gold Coins

Welcome back to Something About Coins! The U.S. Mint is launching a few more products this week, including the Mount Hood National Forest America the Beautiful Quarters 3-Coin Set. The Magnolia Collection of early U.S. gold coins sold at auction and Greg Reynolds highlights some of his favorite coins from it. Silver coins are still hot, including the U.S. Army commemorative silver dollars and possibly their knock-offs too. The European Commission has opened a design contest for a commemorative 2-euro (3- dollar) coin, and Wayne Sayles provides an update on the fight against import restrictions of common ancient coins. Enjoy!

US Mint 2011 Product Releases from May 4 to 5,
The United States Mint this week on May 4 and 5 will issue three collector products after four launched last week. Scheduled for release is the final 2010-dated America the Beautiful Quarters Three-Coin Set™ and two numismatic products with this year's date, the 2011 Uncirculated American Gold Eagle Coin, and the Eliza Johnson First Spouse Gold Coin. Each of the products are set for a 12:00 noon Eastern Time release. The United States Mint will launch the Mount Hood Quarters Three-Coin Set on Wednesday, May 4, for a price ... Click for coin article

The Magnolia Collection of Early U.S. Gold Coins, late 19th century Patterns, Trade Dollars and more!,
On the evening of Tuesday, May3rd, the firm of Spink-Smythe auctioned the 'Magnolia Collection' in New York. A 1795 Eagle ($10 gold coin) sold for a record $379,600. This sale was a small, quaint, fun auction, much different from many of the auction extravaganzas conducted by Heritage, Stack's-Bowers, or the Goldbergs. In my view, it is extremely important that all the coins came from one consignor, the owner of the "Magnolia Collection." This event is very much newsworthy in that a significant group of rare or scarce U.S. coins ... Click for coin article

Mount Hood National Forest Quarter Three-Coin Set Availability,
The U.S. Mint on May 4, 2011 will offer the Mount Hood National Forest Quarter Three-Coin Set, the fifth release from the America the Beautiful Quarters Three-Coin Set™ series. The three-coin set, which is produced specifically for coin collectors, will carry a price tag of $14.95. The three numismatic clad Mount Hood Quarters packaged within the set include a proof 2010-S, an uncirculated 2010-P, and an uncirculated 2010-D. The Mount Hood Quarter was actually issued last year, but the United States Mint's three-coin set was ... Click for coin article

Another sign of silver frenzy,
I saw a very unusual ad in the Wall Street Journal yesterday. Being offered were uncirculated U.S. Army commemorative silver dollars. These coins are a current commemorative program of the U.S. Mint, but it wasn't a Mint ad. A private firm was offering them for less than the Mint is: $49.95 as compared to $54.95. The ad said shipping was free for the first 1,000 orders, so I suppose the shipping charge could eat away at the price differential, but then the Mint has a shipping and handling fee as well. To a collector who hasn't ordered one ... Click for coin article

EU gives euro users chance to design 10th anniversary coin,
Brussels - Ever thought of what should be on euro coins? Here's your chance to have a say. The European Commission on Friday invited citizens of eurozone countries to submit their designs for a commemorative 2-euro (3- dollar) coin, which will be issued in early 2012 to celebrate the 10th anniversary of the common currency's entry into circulation. 'The euro binds us all together and is an achievement we should be proud of,' said Olli Rehn, the European Union's economy commissioner. 'This design competition ... is a great opportunity ..." Click for coin article

Collectors See Broad Problems with Transparency and Extralegal Governance Behind Coin Seizures,
What started as legal proceedings in Baltimore Circuit Court to fight import restrictions on common ancient coins, has ballooned into sweeping concerns about extralegal activity, lack of transparency and threats to Constitutional rights at the U.S. State Department's Cultural Heritage Center and its Cultural Property Advisory Committee (CPAC). In the publicly released transcript of a Washington, D.C. seminar held by the Cultural Policy Research Institute, former CPAC members and others criticized both the administration of the committee ... Click for coin article

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