US Silver Coins, Half Dollar Commemoratives

Welcome back to Something About Coins. The latest sales figures from the U.S. Mint is out, and older half dollar commemoratives get historical look. Definitions for fresh coins and choice or gem coins are thoughtfully explained, and the People's Bank of China has new gold and silver commemorative coins. Enjoy!

US Mint Sales: Silver Coins Improve, Silver Sets Retreat with Suspensions,
Rising silver prices have helped and hindered US Mint silver products, based on the latest sales figures from the bureau. Five of the six clad and gold U.S. Army and Medal of Honor commemorative coins registered poorer weekly gains, but three of four silver U.S. Army and Medal of Honor coins improved. The silver coins contain 0.773 ounces of the metal, giving them a melt value of $34.86 at the current spot price of $45.07 an ounce. That is still $20 less ... Click for coin article

Half Dollar Workhorse of Commems,
There is an awful lot of history behind the classical commemorative coins of the United States that were struck starting in 1892 and ending in 1954. To collect them is fun, it is interesting and as a group they make a great collection and a great collection to study. The idea for commemorative coins was hardly new even at the time the United States became a nation. The notion of using coins as a way of commemorating important events or of even announcing current ... Click for coin article

What is a Fresh Coin?,
I was recently having a numismatic conversation with someone about an auction (sad life, I know…) and the subject of "fresh coins" came up. This person is knowledgeable and I respect his opinion. And after three minutes of discussion, I realized that his view of freshness and mine were different. But then I got to thinking, "What is a fresh coin? Are there varying degrees of freshness? Can an ugly coin be fresh?" And so on and so forth. The term ... Click for coin article

The Advertising of 'Choice' or 'Gem' Uncertified Coins,
While I often write about topics of interest to knowledgeable collectors, today's column is aimed at beginners and at other collectors who buy "Choice" or "Gem Uncirculated" uncertified coins. I am concerned that some advertisers in widely read 'print' coin publications are selling uncertified coins as 'Choice' (implied or thought to be MS-63 or higher), Very Choice (thought to grade MS-64), or Gem Uncirculated (thought to be MS-65 or higher) that do ... Click for coin article

Peking Opera Gold and Silver Coins Won't Make You Yuan,
With gold bullion prices at record-breaking dollar values and silver not far behind, investors large and small are looking to lock up some precious metal. The People's Bank of China (PBOC) has made a smooth move to accommodate demand for gold and silver by launching a new set of gold and silver commemorative coins. The coins – one gold and two silver – are intricately colored and feature traditional masks from the world renowned Peking Opera ... Click for coin article

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