1928 Peace Dollar, Dug Up Double Eagle

Welcome back to Something About Coins. The latest value of the 1928-S Peace Dollar is examined and one of 80 $20 Double Eagles was given to the Hackney Museum. The Perth Mint announced two new coins, and a 1866 $20 Liberty Type II "Trompeter" PCGS Secure PR66 Deep Cameo recently sold to a private investor. Enjoy!

1928-S key Peace dollar in MS-65, numismaticnews.net
There has been a great deal going on regarding the 1928-S Peace dollar, making it a date well worth examining. It tends to be a very tough date in top grades but a relatively available one in lower grades, an interesting combination. In 1928 silver dollar production was finally winding down. The silver dollars melted under the provisions of the Pittman Act roughly a decade earlier had finally been replaced. It could not have come too early for the Mint as silver dollars ... Click for coin article

Single gold coin from Hackney Hoard donated to Hackney Museum, hackneygazette.co.uk
The $20 American ‘Double-Eagle’ is one of 80 dug up in a Stamford Hill back garden in July 2007. The ‘unprecedented find’ was returned to the family of a Jewish refugee who fled Nazi Germany for Stamford Hill at the beginning of the Second World War. The coroner for Inner North London yesterday (Monday) awarded the coins to Max Sulzbacher, whose father Martin Sulzbacher brought them to England. Mr Sulzbacher was interned as an ‘enemy alien refugee’ ... Click for coin article

Line of Precious Metal Coins Expands, numismaster.com
It’s likely a sign of the times. With the value of precious metals continuing to appreciate the Perth Mint in Australia has recently announced two new coins for niche markets previously unaddressed. The Perth Mint has an unusual status among coin producers. The facility is wholly owned by the State Government of Western Australia, something likening to if Colorado rather than the United States government owned the Denver Mint. Despite the ownership being a ... Click for coin article

Liquid Bullion Coin and Collectibles Sells Finest Known Gold Rarity for Record Price!, pcgs.com
Liquid Bullion Coin and Collectibles started the year off with a bang! LBCAC has placed the 1866 $20 Liberty Type II "Trompeter" PCGS Secure PR66 Deep Cameo, a finest-known gold rarity, with a private North Texas investor for a record price! The 1866 Type II issue with the Motto "In God We Trust" has a population of 1/0 and was personally selected and placed by Danny Lee, Houston-based numismatist and CEO of Liquid Bullion Coin and ... Click for coin article

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