Silver’s High Prices, 2011 Silver Sets Suspended

Welcome to Something About Coins. Most of the coin related headlines dealt with the high price of silver. The U.S. Mint had already suspended two of its silver proof sets, but now it has "temporarily suspended" two more — the 2011 silver sets. Dave Harper reported on the Chicago International Coin Fair, and Heritage Auctions published the results of their 2011 April Heritage-Gemini Signature Ancient Coins Auction. A new limited edition €20 gold proof collector's coin was released in Ireland. Enjoy!

US Mint Silver Proof Set Suspensions Rise to Four,
The United States Mint on Monday added two more silver sets to its suspension list, bringing the total to four. It was just over a week ago when the bureau first halted two silver sets as silver prices raced to a new 31-year high of over $40 an ounce. Prices have continued to climb since then, with silver reaching as high as $43.51 an ounce in overnight markets. The fast paced increase of the precious metal has made it exceedingly difficult for the US Mint to set new ... Click for coin article

Of silver, Caesars and Lincoln,
I am just back from the Chicago International Coin Fair. It was a good show. Chinese coins are on fire. Ancients also are doing noticeably well. The American Numismatic Society had a table on the bourse floor and collector Mike Gasvoda displayed his collection of the imperial Roman Twelve Caesars in gold, silver and bronze at that table. To see that collection and its high quality was to have your socks knocked off. Because the display was on a bourse ... Click for coin article

What $41 an ounce silver buys,
With silver now hovering at $41 an ounce as of April 14, many segments of the market are affected. These include obvious bullion-sensitive issues, such as Morgan and Peace dollars, American Eagle silver bullion coins and common 90 percent silver pre-1965 U.S. coins. However, silver's ascent impacts other collecting areas. Many Proof sets have experienced substantial gains in the last month including Prestige Proof sets that include a 90 percent silver commemorative ... Click for coin article

Ancient Coins Star In $3.3M Heritage-Gemini Auction,
Outstanding ancient coins brought strong prices in our just-concluded 2011 April Heritage-Gemini Signature Ancient Coins Auction, which took place at the Chicago International Coin Fair in Rosemont, IL on April 14. Overall, this auction realized over $3.3 million, including all buyer’s premiums. The top coin in this auction was a spectacular tetradrachm from the island of Naxos, c. 415 BC. This good EF coin depicts the wine god Dionysus, who, according ... Click for coin article

Gold proof €20 coin goes on sale,
A special edition €20 gold proof collector's coin has been launched today by the Central Bank. The coin, which features a Celtic high cross, is one of the smallest coins in the world at 11mm in diameter and 0.5g in weight. The €20 coin, which costs €40, has an issue limit of 12,000 units. It shows the high cross in a monastic setting with an Irish round tower ... Click for coin article

Some silver values might surprise,
Time to clean out all the hiding places in which you have placed certain silver coins that you have taken for granted for many years. Current $40 silver puts these pieces in a new light. Do you have any circulated Jefferson war nickels from the 1942-1945 period that you pulled out of circulation like I did in the 1960s? When silver was $5 an ounce, they were worth just over 28 cents apiece – not enough to put the handful in a safe deposit box, or even bother to ... Click for coin article

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