Hot Springs Silver Uncirculated Coin Price, 2011 Quarters Uncirculated Set

Welcome back to Something About Coins! The U.S. Mint announced their Hot Springs 5 ounce silver uncirculated coin price will be $279.95. They also published a press release for their upcoming 2011 Quarters Uncirculated Set. The NGC Collectors Society enhanced their website, and Latvia coins are being targeted by counterfeiters.

US Mint Sets Pricing for Hot Springs 5 oz Silver Uncirculated Coin,
The US Mint on Tuesday said the pricing for the numismatic Hot Springs National Park 5 oz Silver Uncirculated Coin would be set at $279.95. The coin will launch on April 28. The price is the preliminary amount to place on the other 2010 and 2011 America the Beautiful Silver Uncirculated Coins, although the Mint explicitly states its coin pricing is subject to change. Given the volatile and rapid rate of silver’s climb in 2010 and 2011, it would seem chances for future ... Click for coin article

2011 America the Beautiful Quarters Uncirculated Coin Set Availability,
The United States Mint will make available the 2011 America the Beautiful Quarters Uncirculated Coin Set on Tuesday, April 19 for a price of $21.95. The set includes 10 uncirculated coins. Five are minted in Philadelphia and bear the "P" mint mark and five are produced in Denver and have the "D" mint mark. These are the same coins that are a subset of the annual 28-coin 2011 Mint Set, which was released on February 8 and priced at $31.95. The America the Beautiful Quarters ... Click for coin article

Gold Coins With "MLD",
In my 25+ years of specializing in United States gold coins, I have noticed some interesting trends as far as collector preference goes. One of these preferences is what I call “multiple levels of demand” or MLD. A coin that has multiple levels of demand is popular with multiple layers of collectors. As an example, a certain coin may have interest only to a date collector within a specific series. But another coin might be of interest not only to a date collector but a type ... Click for coin article

NGC Collectors Society Website Enhancements,
The NGC Collectors Society has released two new website enhancements as part of an ongoing initiative to develop features based on feedback from its members. The first enhancement is the addition of a History tab on Competitive Registry sets. The History tab is visible only to the owner of a set. The tab provides a history of each action that occurred within a set and the change in points associated with the action. The addition of NGC coins and coins already ... Click for coin article

Counterfeiters Favor Latvia Coins,
Coins were traditionally the main target of counterfeiters until the early 20th century when bank notes began dominating currency transactions. In more recent years, as many countries have scrapped their low denomination paper bank notes for coins of the same value, counterfeiters appear to have once more turned their attention toward these coins. This is true in Great Britain, the European Union, and elsewhere. Latvia appears to be the latest country in which ... Click for coin article

BTW, a 2008-dated 20 lati issued by the Bank of Latvia won the 2010 Coin of the Year Award.

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