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Welcome back to Something About Coins! Although sales of collector products at the U.S. Mint is slow, sales of bullion American Eagles is not. U.S. Mint Deputy Director Richard Peterson provides insight about the Mint's production. Numismatic Guaranty Corporation has a new label on its slabs for coins in the 100 Greatest U.S. Modern Coins book released by Whitman last month. Hoarding nickels has been a topic of discussion among collectors and in an article below! Enjoy!

US Mint Sales: Collector Products Take Break, Investor Bullion Coins Improve,
Coin collectors appear to have taken a spring break vacation as buying activity for American numismatic coins and sets retreated, according to the latest US Mint sales figures. Several US Mint products actually declined from their previous tallies, indicating a batch of customer returns, cancellations or accounting updates. Bags and rolls of Mount Hood National Park Quarters fell the most after an unexpected uptick reported last week indicated soaring levels that were more ... Click for coin article

Mint Puts Customers First,
What was the No. 1 customer service issue for the U.S. Mint in 2010? According to U.S. Mint Deputy Director Richard Peterson, who is also acting director, it was being able to sell the proof collector versions of the 2010 silver American Eagle coins to collectors last November after it was not possible to make the proofs in 2009. To make sure it happened, Peterson told Numismatic News in an exclusive telephone interview March 14, “We micromanaged that starting last ... Click for coin article

NGC Offers New Label for Greatest Modern Coins,
Special label now available for coins included in 100 Greatest U.S. Modern Coins. NGC has created a special presentation label for coins featured in 100 Greatest U.S. Modern Coins. This newly released book ranks the most important U.S. coins issued from 1964 to date. The attractive black and tan NGC label boldly shows a coin's rank adjacent to standard NGC certification information including description and grade. 100 Greatest U.S. Modern Coins is the eighth ... Click for coin article

New Whitman Book Explores America's 100 Greatest Modern Coins,
100 Greatest U.S. Modern Coins, by Scott Schechter and Jeff Garrett, takes the reader on a guided tour of circulating, bullion and commemorative issues. In this beautifully illustrated book, two celebrated numismatists take the reader on a guided tour of the circulating, bullion, and commemorative issues so avidly sought by collectors today. The book will be available February 21, 2011, online (including at and from booksellers and hobby shops nationwide ... Click for coin article

Are you one of them?,
Are you hoarding nickels? The metal in the coin is currently worth 6.5 cents, though it is illegal to melt or export it under current Treasury regulations. That hasn't stopped a number of people online from suggesting that hoarding nickels is the way to go. How many people are taking that advice to hoard the nickel? Not too many that I can see – yet. Sure, I have had a few e-mails from people wondering how they can buy large quantities for face value, but I think a more ... Click for coin article

The Man Who Could Stop the Mint,
Throughout the years, many interesting tales filled with history and romance have been linked to coins of the United States. One of the most notable is the one about Josh Tatum, who single-handedly caused the Mint to stop production of the nickel. The following story contains the facts surrounding what took place at that time. In 1883, the Mint changed the design of the five cent piece. In doing so, it unknowingly presented a great opportunity to an "enterprising" young ... Click for coin article

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