Ancient Coins, Dahlonega Dollars, Royal Wedding Commemoratives

Welcome back to Something About Coins! Today's articles cover ancient coins, Dahlonega Mint gold dollars, and the 1859-S Seated Liberty dollar. New coin issues will be Royal Wedding commemorative coins and a rupee coin featuring the Sri Lanka Air Force. Enjoy!

NGC Ancients: Ten Reasons to Consider Ancients,
Since at least the early 14th Century some of the most accomplished scholars and collectors have devoted themselves to ancient Greek and Roman coins. As touchstones to a glorious past that was "rediscovered" in the Renaissance, it is easy to see why all these centuries later ancient coins are still so avidly collected and studied. Even with such a long and distinguished history, ancient coin collecting is obscure when compared to larger fields, such as modern U.S. and ... Click for coin article

Chinese chef's main course: Ancient Jewish coins,
Xu Long, head chef at Beijing's Great Hall of the People, has literally written the book on Israeli coins. One of the most passionate collectors of Israeli coins is the head chef in Beijing's Great Hall of the People. When Xu Long isn't cooking Peking duck for visiting heads of state, he devotes his time to researching the history of Jewish coins. It took him 10 years of painstaking study, but last November Xu Long published a 575-page hard-back on the subject ... Click for coin article

How Many High Grade Dahlonega Gold Dollars Exist?,
As the research I am doing for the third edition of my book "Gold Coins of the Dahlonega Mint, 1838-1861" comes together, I am learning some interesting things about the availability of each issue, especially in higher grades. I thought it might be interesting to share some of what I've learned about high grade gold dollars from this mint. It appears that Dahlonega gold dollars circulated less than their quarter eagle and half eagle counterparts. as a result, they tend to be ... Click for coin article

San Fran Mints Silver to Pay China,
The 1859-S Seated Liberty dollar was a coin that was both ahead of its time and a sign of the times. This unusual combination is part of the reason it is so interesting today. Silver dollars weren't in much use back in 1859. Throughout the 1850s, the gold dollar mintages were much higher than the mintages of silver dollars. No silver dollar had a mintage close to 1 million pieces yet such totals were almost common for gold dollars. Sometimes branch mint totals for a ... Click for coin article

Falkland Islands 2011 Royal Wedding Commemorative Coin,
Pobjoy Mint is excited to produce and release a commemorative coin on behalf of the Falkland Islands which is one of the first to celebrate the Royal Wedding. On 16th November 2010, Clarence House made the announcement advising that Prince William, the eldest son of Prince Charles and second in line to the throne, had become engaged to his long-term girlfriend Miss Catherine Middleton. William and Catherine met whilst students at the University of St Andrews and, following months of speculation, Prince William ... Click for coin article

60 years of flying high sealed with a coin,
The Sri Lanka Air Force (SLAF) completed 60 years and to mark the event, the Central Bank of Sri Lanka issued a commemorative two rupee coin into circulation on March 2. The coin is minted to the existing standard of a Rs 2 coin which is nickel plated steel and issued only in circulation condition by the Royal Mint, Liantrisant, United Kingdom. The obverse has the logo of the Sri Lanka Air Force 60th Anniversary at the centre and the years '1951-2011' below ... Click for coin article

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