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Welcome to Something About Coins! The Canadians could make their $1 and $2 into high-tech coins with security features. Dr. Frank Sedwick's collection of Colombian Republic gold coins will be up for auction in April. Doug Winter investigates the current market for Carson City half eagles, and Steve Roach looks into the high end of Morgan dollars. Also counterfeit Indian half eagles and Eisenhower dollars are in the news. Enjoy!

Loonies and toonies could go high-tech, vancouversun.com
More secure, cheaper to make. Canada could soon have some of the highest-tech, most secure coins in the world, iPolitics has learned. A change being proposed to Canada's $1 and $2 coins would alter their composition and include several high-tech security features, such as a lasermark, a virtual image, an electromagnetic signal and edge lettering, making the already secure coins even more difficult to counterfeit. "I would venture to say that our coins would be leaders in the field in terms of high technology ..." Click for coin article

Auction to Feature Dr. Frank Sedwick Collection of Columbian Republic Gold Coins, coinweek.com
Sedwick Treasure and World Coin Auction #9 to feature Hearts and Royals and the Dr. Frank Sedwick Collection of Colombian Republic Gold Coins. Sedwick's next auction, scheduled for April 26-28 (one session each day), will feature several Potosi cob "Hearts" and "Royals" (very rare special presentation issues), affording collectors an exceptional opportunity, since "Hearts" in particular have virtually disappeared from the market. Other "Royals" from the Mexico and Lima mints will be offered as well ... Click for coin article

One size fits all pricing approach doesn't always work, coinvaluesonline.com
The Morgan dollar is widely traded at all levels, from the top-grade rarities that sell in the high-six figures for investment portfolios to the low-grade polished coins that trade in bulk as collectible alternatives to silver bullion. The top end of the Morgan dollar market is healthy, with expensive coins in the $5,000 to $250,000 level finding buyers when appearing at auction and bidders paying extra when a top-quality coin meets their requirements. For example, at the Jan. 5 Heritage ... Click for coin article

Is There an Upward Trend in the CC Half Eagle Market?, raregoldcoins.com
While I hate to make bold pronouncements based on a small number of auction results, it looks like an interesting trend may be occurring in the Carson City half eagle market. Within two months, three important CC half eagles have sold at auction and brought tremendous prices. Let's take a look at the three coins in question, analyze the results, and try to make some sense of this market. The first of these coins is a PCGS graded Mint State-62 1873-CC half eagle. This is a coin that I am ... Click for coin article

Stock Reverses - Counterfeit Indian Half Eagles, ngccoin.com
NGC receives countless fakes struck from stock dies. Many counterfeits, especially gold coins, were struck from stock dies, which were reused on multiple issues. A counterfeiter saved time and money by using one die, such as the reverse, over and over, while swapping out the obverse to change the date. The edge was also frequently struck from a stock die and many counterfeits can be identified solely from the repeating issues seen on this often-overlooked "third side." Researchers have already ... Click for coin article

Time to Look Seriously at Ike Dollar?, numismaster.com
The Eisenhower dollar has just turned 40 since its first production back in 1971. How many collectors are? That's not a new question. The Eisenhower dollar has been basically under the radar screen of almost everyone for most of the time since the first example was made, but it just might be time to take a more serious look at the Eisenhower dollar and its role in history as well as the dates involved in what is admittedly a relatively small set. The Eisenhower dollar was the first U.S. dollar coin other than ... Click for coin article

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