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Welcome back to Something About Coins! The Royal Canadian Mint is reporting silver Maple Leaf coin demand is high. Dave Harper gives pointers and reminders about selling silver coins, and attorney Michael McCullough recommends to collectors to retain documentation on all coin imports. Coin values are published in the latest NumisMedia market report, plus, highlights for the upcoming Sacramento National Money Show in March are described. Enjoy!

Sales Silver Maple Leaf Coins Surged in 2010, Canadian Mint Says,
Sales of 1-ounce Maple Leaf silver coins may have touched a record in 2010, according to the Royal Canadian Mint. About 10.3 million ounces were sold in 2009, and the mint is "on pace" to surpass that level for 2010, Alex Reeves, the agency's communications manager, said yesterday. Last year's sales data will be released in late March, Reeves said. "Demand has exceeded supply, and we are trying to be fair to all our customers by putting caps on the size of the orders," Reeves said ... Click for coin article

Get more for your silver coins,
Silver is trading at a level last seen in March of 1980. The $31.84 number I saw on Kitco in my daily check of precious metals prices this morning means that $1 face amount of pre-1965 dimes, quarters and half dollars has a metallic content worth $22.77, or 22.77 times face value. I calculate the value from .715 rather than .723 because dealers have for many years used the lower figure to account for average wear on coins usually found in $1,000 face value bags. What that means is on average a bag ... Click for coin article

Keep Paper Trail on All Coin Imports,
Get all the documentation you can on your imported coin and antique purchases. This was the warning presented by attorney Michael McCullough at the Jan. 8 meeting of the Ancient Coin Collectors Guild during the New York International Numismatic Convention. McCullough was formally an attorney with Sotheby's, defending the auction house and defending cultural property rights of those who own them. McCullough suggested that where possible documentation regarding ownership of an ... Click for coin article

NumisMedia Market Report: Year of the Plus,
Judging by the trades at this past FUN Show, the theme for this year looks to be rarity, eye appeal, CAC and the + designation. Dealers and collectors are primarily looking for rare coins by mintage. Of course they want bargains, but this category of demand requires patience and the ability to negotiate. Most sellers of truly rare classics do not need to offer their coins at discounts, knowing that eventually these early rarities will sell at premiums when the timing is right. Recently, there have been ... Click for coin article

Rediscover Gold at the ANA Sacramento National Money Show, March 17-19,
The American Numismatic Association's 2011 Sacramento National Money Show features some of the world's most valuable and historical coins and paper money, as well as educational opportunities for all ages and interests. The show takes place March 17-19 at the Sacramento Convention Center and includes a world-class auction by Heritage Auction Galleries and hundreds of dealers and vendors. The ANA Museum Showcase (Booth 633) is an incredible display of numismatic rarities from the ... Click for coin article

Roman villa finds go on display in Folkestone shop,
Work has begun on an archaeological project proving that Folkestone was a major gateway to the Mediterranean 90 years before the Roman invasion. Over 300 bags of Roman coins, pottery and wine vessels have been removed from the site of the Roman villa on the cliffs above Folkestone. The history the finds represent would not have been discovered without the help of almost 200 volunteers. The finds will be sorted in a new shop which opened on Monday in Folkestone. Dr Richardson ... Click for coin article

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