Johnson Presidential Dollar, Presidential $1 Coin Albums

Welcome back to Something About Coins! The Andrew Johnson Presidential Dollar was released in a ceremony. The U.S. Mint said they will discontinue Presidential Dollar Coin Albums. The 2011 Mint Set debuted strong. A coin auction to raise money for an endowment for the National Numismatic Collection is set for January. Silver coins are hot and burglars take $750,000 in silver from a home.

President Andrew Johnson Coin Released In Greeneville,
Folks in Greene County have always taken pride in the fact that President Andrew Johnson's home is in Greeneville. Now, they have another reason to be proud of the 17th President. The U-S Mint is releasing seventy-two million of the Andrew Johnson coins, and a good number of that total was grabbed up in Greeneville today. Pouring out two thousand of the Andrew Johnson coins looks like a pirate's buried treasure, and for the school kids that got a shiny new coin today, they are going to treat them just like treasure ... Click for coin article

Presidential $1 Coin Albums Discontinued,
The United States Mint today announced that it is discontinuing future volumes of the Official United States Mint Coin Album - Presidential $1 Coins. The custom-designed album was intended to be released in multiple volumes throughout the life of the Presidential $1 Coin Program. Volume One (2007-2008) was issued in 2007 and Volume Two (2009-2010) in 2009. While Volume One was popular, sales of Volume Two dropped substantially. The United States Mint will continue to sell ... Click for coin article

2011 Mint Set Sales Debut at 191,391,
The uncirculated 2011 Mint Set, one of several core United States Mint annual products, got off to a solid start. Although similar to the 2011 Silver Proof Set and the 2011 Proof Set, its sales debut was slower as compared to past years. But that theme has been a common trend across many products for the last several years. The 28-coin set, which contains collector uncirculated versions of the coins minted for circulation, went on sale February 8, for a price of $31.95. By Sunday, February 13, buyers ... Click for coin article

Heritage Auctions to host auction benefiting the Smithsonian’s National Numismatic Collection,
1895 Morgan Dollar becomes first consignment donation; $1 million total in rare U.S. coins sought for January 2012 FUN Auction. In January 2012, Heritage Auctions will host a special auction at the Florida United Numismatist (FUN) Convention aimed at establishing a $1 million endowment for the renowned National Numismatic Collection, considered one of the finest collections of rare U.S. coins in existence. The collection is housed at the Smithsonian’s National Museum of American History in ... Click for coin article

Silver prices hit 31-year high as coin sales rocket,
Silver prices rose to new 31-year highs Thursday, underpinned by soaring investor demand for silver coins. Near-term silver futures in New York jumped 94 cents, or 3.1%, to close at $31.57 an ounce. That topped the previous high of $31.09 reached on Jan. 3. Before adjusting for inflation, prices haven’t been at these levels since the infamous spike of late 1979 and early 1980, when the Hunt brothers briefly cornered the market for the metal. Silver and gold both surged in 2010, boosted in part by investors’ hunger ... Click for coin article

Chilliwack man shaken after home invaders take $750,000 in silver,
A Chilliwack man says he is traumatized after he was punched, stabbed and tied up by home-invading thieves who made off with his life savings in silver bars. The two thugs, wearing what he described as fake police uniforms, unloaded a vault and spirited away with $750,000 in silver the man had bought as an investment last year. The 52-year-old victim, still shaking after the robbery at his Imperial Street home on Feb. 9, now wonders who among his friends or acquaintances is behind the brazen theft ... Click for article

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