US Mint 2011 Products, Detecting Altered Coins

Welcome to Something About Coins! The U.S. Mint's 2011 product calendar has been out for a while, but now their introductory prices are known, since they have been published through the Federal Register, reports. The Professional Coin Grading Service (PCGS) posted another informative video on You Tube about their computer program that detects altered coins, a.k.a. doctored coins. More about gold coins and the controversial 9/11 commemorative coins are also in the articles linked below. Enjoy!

US Mint 2011 Product Schedule and Prices,
The United States Mint has taken a new approach in coin releases that goes beyond offering core numismatic products early, like the already issued clad and silver proof sets.
The US Mint on its website ( has made available a 2011 product schedule that ranges from January through December. And it has published prices for those products through the Federal Register, the official source of notices by government agencies. The US Mint in the past had kept collectors informed ... Click for coin article

PCGS Secure Plus Update II - Coin Sniffer,
More details how the Professional Coin Grading Service (PCGS) can tell if a foreign substance has been applied to a coin to change its appearance. The foreign substance can be pinpointed on the coin, and then its chemical properties are compared to the substances stored in the PCGS sample library ... Click for coin video

Gold coins more affordable,
January was a hard month for gold. It opened on Jan. 4 at $1,405.50 (London AM fix spot price) and has gradually fallen since, hitting $1,325.60 during trading Jan. 25. It rebounded slightly before falling to a low of $1,315.80 on Jan. 27 as economic concerns both in the United States and globally continue. Oil hit a seven-week low and the U.S. dollar index hit a two-month low on Jan. 24. Seeing rising U.S. interest rates, Goldman Sachs changed its ... Click for coin article

Small thoughts on large gold exhibit,
I played numismatic tourist yesterday at the Bode Museum. There is a new exhibit of giant gold coins. These include the two largest in the world, the $1 million face value gold coin from Canada and the 100,000 euro gold coin from Austria. Many of the historical pieces are on loan from a museum in Vienna. They are certainly something to see, but in between my looking at coins like the 20 excelente of Ferdinand and Isabella, I would spot things like the 2009 Ultra High Relief Saint-Gaudens ... Click for coin article

Aurum Advisors President, Marc Lubaszka, Exposes Fraud in Gold Industry,
Aurum Advisors President Marc Lubaszka said, "Scam artists are widespread today." Industry experts agree that many smaller local coin dealers offer to buy coins back from household investors at a greatly reduced price especially if the consumer purchased the coins initially from a larger coin dealer. "Larger firms have the capital to buy gold back from the consumers that purchased metals from them initially, usually at a greater price than smaller dealers. A problem can arise when consumers don't ..." Click for coin article

10th anniversary 9/11 coin has retired NYPD Capt. Tom DePrisco's blood boiling,
Just before Christmas, retired NYPD Capt. Tom DePrisco saw a TV commercial at his fiancée's house and his "blood began to boil." The commercial was for a 10th anniversary Sept. 11 commemorative dollar coin issued by the National Collector's Mint out of Westchester. The ad said this exploitative trinket featured "the skyline of the twin towers." This was ghoulish enough, snake-oil merchants cashing in on the deaths of 3,000 innocents by selling souvenirs for $29.95. But what boiled ... Click for coin article

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