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Welcome back to Something About Coins! Due to the falling market price of gold, the U.S. Mint has lowered their prices for American Gold Buffalo Proofs and First Spouse Gold Coins. A list of 2010 Best Secured Coin Shows is described, and new additions have been made to the upcoming Long Beach Coin, Stamp & Collectibles Expo being held Feb. 3-5. Enjoy!

US Mint 24-Karat Buffalo and First Spouse Gold Coin Prices Lowered,
The United States Mint on Wednesday lowered several of its numismatic coin prices following a series of daily losses in precious metals. The only coins affected in this round of price reductions were the Mint's 24-karat American Buffalo Gold and First Spouse Gold Coins. That is because newer year numismatic issues are yet to be launched and all of last year's proof Platinum and Gold Eagles have sold out — the final two Gold Eagles on Tuesday. The price for the Proof American Buffalo Gold Coin was reduced by $50 from ... Click for coin article

Ellsworth names year's best secured shows,
Col. Steven Ellsworth of the Butternut Company has announced his annual selection of “The Best Secured Coin Shows for 2010.” Ellsworth personally attended 48 coin shows during 2010, where he evaluated the kinds and types of security that were provided for both dealers and the public. In addition, he received numerous reports from across the nation from coin dealers and collectors as well as crime incident reports from the media and law enforcement sources ... Click for coin article

New bourse section added to Long Beach,
There will be a new section on the bourse floor for additional dealers' tables at the next Long Beach Coin, Stamp & Collectibles Expo Feb. 3-5 at the Long Beach, Calif., Convention Center. “To provide additional convenience for some dealers who need flexibility in their show attendance schedules, we've set up a new area, Section F, on the convention center floor, where dealers can take tables for only one or two days or for the entire three-day Long Beach Expo,” said Ronald J. Gillio, expo general manager ... Click for coin article

Double Your Money in Rare Coins?,
Not too long ago I got an interesting Email: “I'm new to rare coins and I would like you to recommend a rare coin. I want to double my money.” The intonation of the rest of the Email caused me to believe this fellow was sincere and looking for guidance so I called him and we chatted for a few minutes. He was in fact serious and intelligent so after my usual admonitions I realized that his electronic note was entirely proper considering his recent conversations with some of our coin dealer brethren. This classic question can also be the result of too ... Click for coin article

Baldwin's Release Winter Fixed Price List 2011,
Baldwin's numismatic dealers and auctioneers release their latest fixed price list of Ancient, British and Scottish Coins and Numismatic Boos. Baldwin's are delighted to announce that their new Fixed Price List is now available both in printed format and online at As in previous years the new list comprises a wide selection of Ancient, British and Scottish Coins, including an unusually large run of unduplicated Anglo-Saxon pennies and a small run of Celtic gold coins, as well as a good selection of numismatic ... Click for coin article

Review: Harry Potter 2010 coin collections,
The Harry Potter coin collection are set in plastic covering for display purposes as well as protection of the coins themselves. The coins, which are authentic Great Britain half pennies from 1966 and 1967, have specialised paintings of various promotional images of characters from Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix and Half-Blood Prince. At first, the idea of Harry Potter characters painted onto coins, even half pennies, seemed a bit far-fetched and lacking genuineness, but having seen them in person, their craftsmanship is ... Click for coin article

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