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Welcome to Something About Coins! The Royal Canadian Mint sold out of several 2010 collector coins, and the Professional Coin Grading Service (PCGS) revealed their Coin Sniffer technology at the recent coin show in Florida. A hot topic at coin shows concerns the bubble for top coin values, as described in the articles below. Enjoy!

Canadian Mint Sets Record for Sold Out Coins,
The Royal Canadian Mint is posting stellar results for the sale of its numismatic products in 2010 and is delighted to have sold out 25 collector coins over the last 12 months. This record benchmark is a ringing customer endorsement of the Mint’s world class numismatic-products, whose appealing designs and themes, quality and innovations have fueled strong domestic and international demand in 2010. "The Royal Canadian Mint prides itself on producing collector coins whose quality, innovation and craftsmanship set the ... Click for coin article

Sniffer unveiled,
If a coin has been waxed, caulked or otherwise altered, the “Coin Sniffer” will know. The Professional Coin Grading Service, Santa Ana, Calif., a division of Collectors Universe, displayed its PCGS Coin Sniffer at a luncheon on Jan. 7 at the Tampa Convention Center during the 56th Annual Florida United Numismatists Coin Show. The PCGS Coin Sniffer, an invention of Richard Haddock, can currently detect around 40 different foreign substances on the surface of a coin – substances that are often used by coin doctors to ... Click for coin article

Coin Doctoring and the PNG Decision,
The ‘COIN DOCTORING’ controversy is indeed the HOT topic currently. My name is Vic Bozarth and I am proud to be a PNG-Professional Numismatist Guild member. My wife Sherri and I both attended the PNG meeting prior to the opening of the Florida United Numismatists Show. Talking about grading is like talking about politics. Everyone has an opinion especially when ‘COIN DOCTORING’ is mentioned. First, I will give you my opinion about ‘working’ on coins. Second, I will explain my opinion. Original surfaces ... Click for coin article

'Top of pop' bubble warning,
At the Numismatic Guaranty Corp. luncheon at the Florida United Numismatists show in Tampa on Jan. 8, NGC chairman Mark Salzberg presented some refreshing comments relating to his perceptions of the rare coin market. While indicating strong demand at the top of the market for rare, high-quality coins, he noted that the astronomic prices achieved for low-population common coins as an indicator of a possible bubble in the market. A bubble is sometimes referred to as a speculative or price bubble, and represents a ... Click for coin article

Some coin collectors fear a 'gold bubble',
Collectors of old coins fill their vaults with nostalgia. Think of the Boy Scout who covets his first buffalo nickel, or the uncle who cherishes his special-edition set. But a new class of collector is focused on the future: people who are clinging onto precious metals for fear that the nation's currency will implode. And they were out in full force Saturday and Sunday to buy up freshly minted gold and silver U.S. coins at the Carolina Coin and Stamp Show, which was held at the N.C. State Fairgrounds. "These are Americans thinking that ..." Click for coin article

Why I Recommend Numismatic Specialization,
When I first started out in the coin business, I assumed I was going to sell everything; Morgan Dollars, Barber Dimes, St. Gaudens double eagles and Charlotte gold, I’d handle it all. But I quickly learned that it would be difficult–and costly–to be an expert in so many areas of the market. I then decided that I’d become really good at just a few things and leave the rest to other people. Nearly three decades later, that’s exactly what I’ve done: I’ve become a world-class expert in 18th and 19th century U.S. gold. I think my decision ... Click for coin article

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