Platinum American Eagle Variety, Gilded Koala Silver Coin

Welcome back to Something About Coins! Numismatic Guaranty Corporation (NGC) reported a new 2007 platinum eagle variety. The Perth Mint of Australia is now offering their 2011 Australian Gilded Koala Silver Coin, and the Taiwan Bank is selling Year of the Rabbit commemorative three coin sets. Another report from last week's Florida United Numismatists (FUN) convention came in, and some history of the 1854-S gold dollar and 1840-S Seated silver dollar are described in the articles below.

NGC Certifies Newly-Discovered American Platinum Eagle Variety,
Numismatic Guaranty Corporation (NGC) has announced that they have certified a newly-discovered platinum eagle variety. The latest oddity to surface in the U. S. Mint's American Eagle Bullion Coin series is a 2007-W platinum $100 piece in proof with an obvious die-polishing error. This popular coin type, which features a facing eagle with wings outstretched, also includes a shield on the eagle's breast. Draped over this shield is a banner inscribed with the W mintmark at left and the word FREEDOM at right. On dies having a normal polishing pattern, this incuse word displays ... Click for coin article

2011 Gilded Koala Silver Coin Available,
The 2011 Australian Gilded Koala Silver Coin is now available from the Perth Mint of Australia, continuing a series of strikes with a unique twist on the highly sought after silver coins. To accomplish the eye-catching design element, the Perth Mint uses state-of-the-art technology to apply a precision 24-karat gilding to the koalas shown on the piece. And since the 2011 coin contains images of two, both are gilded. Specifically, the design shows an adult resting in the fork of a eucalyptus tree as its young is depicted climbing up one of the branches of the fork. This same design ... Click for coin article

Rabbit Year commemorative coin sets sell like hot cakes,
Enthusiasts in Taipei scrambled Thursday to be the first to buy coin sets minted to commemorate the Year of the Rabbit, forming long queues outside branches of Taiwan Bank, the only authorized seller of the coins. The sets contain three coins -- a silver one with a denomination of NT$100 (US$3.4) , one with a denomination of NT$50 and one with a face value of NT$20 ... Click for coin article

Buyers Out at FUN,
Collectors were in the mood to buy at the Florida United Numismatists (FUN) convention, which was held Jan. 6-9 in Tampa. "They were spending money and selling things," said Cindy Wibker, FUN convention chairman. "A lot of dealers told me they saw a lot of material that hadn't seen the light of day in a long time." Coins that had been "squirreled away" showed up at dealers' booths, Wibker said, some coming from folks who don't usually attend the show's usual venue in Orlando. Tom Caldwell of Northeast Numismatics in Concord, Mass., said it was a good show ... Click for coin article

San Francisco struck $1 and $3 gold,
In the heart of the great gold area of San Francisco it was natural that once there was a mint in San Francisco that it would be a facility that regularly produced gold coins and usually large ones. That was all totally expected and San Francisco was true to form. That said, San Francisco also produced a very interesting track record when it came to what might be called the odd gold denominations specifically gold dollars and $3 gold pieces. Most branch mints at least did something with gold dollars and $3 gold pieces, but they were cut short either by the Civil War or a lack ... Click for coin article

A Magnificent 1840 Seated Dollar,
In our January 26-27, 2012 New York Americana Sale we are pleased to offer a magnificent 1840 Seated dollar Proof-65 (NGC) (Lot #4836), that is important for several reasons. Of course, 1840 is the first year the silver dollar resumed production in earnest, after a small flurry of activity in 1836 with the release of a tiny number of Gobrecht dollars into the channels of commerce. Prior silver dollar production had ceased when the last 1803 silver dollars were released into circulation two generations before and had long since disappeared from daily transactions ... Click for coin article

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