2010 Yellowstone Three Quarter Set

Welcome back to Something About Coins! More than 11,000 Yellowstone Quarter Three-Coin Sets sold in five days, and coin production at the U.S. Mint in Philadelphia fell, according to reports on data from the U.S. Mint. The value of the 2005 Marine Corps 230th anniversary commemorative silver dollar was once hot on the secondary market but prices have now come down. Enjoy!

Yellowstone Quarter Three-Coin Set Debuts, CoinNews.net
The United States Mint on January 5, 2011, released the Yellowstone Quarter Three-Coin Set for a price of $14.95, one dollar higher than the previous issue. The set includes three numismatic or collector versions of the second coin released in the America the Beautiful Quarters® Program. Debuting sales figures of 11,115 were reported by the US Mint for their first five days of release. The Yellowstone Quarter Three-Coin Set features two uncirculated Yellowstone National Park quarters from the US Mint's facilities in Philadelphia and Denver, and one proof quality ... Click for coin article

Take back some cents, blog.numismaticnews.net/buzz
The most interesting thing about December coin production at the U.S. Mint's coining facility was not that output was only 80.2 million coins, the lowest monthly rate for 2010, but the fact that the Philadelphia cent total actually went down. It was reported that for November, the Philadelphia Mint had struck 1,970,430,000 coins in the first 11 months of the calendar year. In December, the Philly cent total stood at 1,963,630,000. Huh? We've seen adjustments to the weekly statistical report that include downward movements, but I don't recall a downward adjustment in ... Click for coin article

Marine Corp. dollar popular – to a point , NumismaticNews.net
With secondary market prices that jumped up to the $80 to $90 range for its BU or proof versions shortly after its 2005 issue, the Marine Corps 230th anniversary commemorative silver dollar was a winner. The fact that collectors purchased 600,000 of them made it a winner. But that sales number also planted the seeds of a less than stellar future. Whatever short-term enthusiasms might occur, long-term value is determined by mintages. Quickly moving from selling out all 600,000 coins to a price approaching $100 on the secondary market was a good sign not only for those ... Click for coin article

Mike Fuljenz Announces the New 'Insider's Guide to U.S. Coin Values 2011', prweb.com
Mike Fuljenz served as the Gold Coin Price Coordinator for the 2011 release of the "Insider's Guide to U.S. Coin Values." The Insider's Guide by Scott Travers annually is the most complete and current price guide on the market today. Coinage Magazine states, "If you're buying just one price guide to see what your coins are worth, this is the obvious choice." Michael Fuljenz has authored or been a major contributor to many books relating to coin collecting and numismatic subjects. In 2010 Fuljenz was awarded "Best Investment Book of the Year" by the Numismatic Literary Guild ... Click for coin book article

NGC Grading On-site at the Long Beach Coin & Collectibles Expo, NGCcoin.com
NGC will offer grading and Details Grading, as well as encapsulation in our state-of-the-art holder. All coins submitted for on-site grading will be evaluated for Plus Designation at time of grading. NGC will offer on-site grading and encapsulation at the Long Beach Coin & Collectibles Expo, Thursday, February 3, through Friday, February 4, 2011. Please check with NGC Customer Service for daily submission cut-off times. NGC will be at booth #458 ... Click for coin article

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