Hungarian Coin Wins People’s Choice Award

Welcome back to Something About Coins! A silver coin from Hungary has won World Coin News People's Choice Award. The silver 2011 Australian Koala coins and 2011 Canadian Park Dollars recently launched, as well as Estonia's new euro coin. Next week the U.S. Mint will release its 2011 Mint Proof Set. The Million Dollar Penny is on display at the Tampa Convention Center now through this weekend at the Florida United Numismatists (FUN) Coin Show. Enjoy!

Hungary wins 4th People's Choice award,
For the fourth time in four years, Hungary has won the People's Choice Award, one of the Coin of the Year family of awards annually given at the World Money Fair in Berlin. A 5,000-forint silver coin honoring Budapest that is part of a "World Heritage Sites in Hungary" series took the honor as the online ballots were tabulated after the Jan. 2, 2011, close of voting. Unlike the COTY Awards, the People's Choice Award winner is chosen by online voting by coin collectors from around the world. The Hungarian coin and the other entries in the competition are dated 2009 ... Click for coin article

2011 Australian Koala Silver Coins Available,
The 2011 Australian Koala Silver Coins are now readily available from the Perth Mint. The popular series of strikes mark their fifth year since first introduced to the coin buying public. This silver coins series consists of four different sizes of 99.9 fine silver strikes including 1/2 ounce, 1 ounce, 10 ounce as well as a massive 1 kilo coin. On the reverse, the Perth places an annually changing design of one of Australia's most famous marsupials - the koala. The 2011 design shows an adult koala resting in the fork of a eucalyptus tree along with its offspring. The traditional inscriptions ... Click for coin article

Anniversary of Parks Canada 2011 Silver Dollars Released,
The Royal Canadian Mint is pleased to announce that its first collector coin of the year, the 2011 Silver Dollar, is dedicated to celebrating the 100th anniversary of Parks Canada. This flagship of the Mint's annual collector coin program honours Canada's "grandparents of green" who, a century ago, made it their mission to preserve Canada's natural beauty for the enjoyment of future generations. By creating the world's first national parks system, Canada has made nature conservation a prized Canadian value and inspired countries around the world to protect their unique ... Click for coin article

Estonia's euro coin looks a bit Russian,
Estonia's introduction of the euro has caused controversy after it was claimed that a map of the tiny Baltic country on its new one euro coin appeared to include a chunk of neighbouring Russia. A prominent member of Estonia's large ethnic Russian community complained about the coin to the Kremlin, provoking a diplomatic row just days after the euro entered circulation in Estonia on Jan 1. "When I first took the new euro coin in my hand the borders seemed unfamiliar to me," said Sergey Seredenko, a lawyer and defender of the Russian diaspora's rights in Estonia ... Click for coin article

2011 US Mint Proof Set Launches January 11,
Collectors may begin placing their orders for the 2011 United States Mint Proof Set at noon Eastern Time (ET) on January 11, 2011. This year's set, priced at $31.95, includes the second set of coins to be released through the America the Beautiful Quarters® Program. These quarters feature reverse designs honoring Gettysburg National Military Park (Pennsylvania); Glacier National Park (Montana); Olympic National Park (Washington); Vicksburg National Military Park (Mississippi); and Chickasaw National Recreation Area (Oklahoma). The annual set also includes ... Click for coin article

Penny worth $1 million on display at the Tampa Convention Center,
A penny for your thoughts? How about $1 million for a penny? A coin coined the "Million Dollar Penny" is on display today at the Florida United Numismatists 56th Anniversary FUN Coin Show at the Tampa Convention Center. The pricey penny is a legendary copper coin from 1943. The million dollar piece is just one of many coins being placed showcased with more than 500 display booths and over 2,000 dealers buying and selling gold, silver, rare coins and old paper money. The event is expected to draw coin clubs and collectors from all over the country. The four day ... Click for coin article

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