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Welcome back to Something About Coins! Junk silver is getting all kinds of news coverage, like the first article, because silver prices have hit 30-year highs. Of course, suppliers of bags of silver coins should be considered before buying, per article number two. A special coin that flew with astronauts into space has found a new home, and Disney-lovers will be able to find a special Disney coin in the other articles linked below. Enjoy!

Pre-1965 Silver Coin Melt Values Hit 30-Year Highs,
It takes little recognition to realize silver coin melt values for pre-1965 U.S. coins are surging with each successive push of fresh 30-year high silver prices. However, the level of their gains in even shorter time periods can be shocking. In early October, a poor quality 1963 Franklin half dollar had a melt value of $8.29. A worn out 1964 Washington quarter was worth $4.14. Today, that half dollar is worth 75 cents more at $9.04 and the quarter is up 40 cents to $4.52. More mind-numbing, this year alone their respective melt values have increased $2.89 and $1.45, respectively ... Click for coin article

Chalk it up to nostalgia?,
With all of the rapid technological change we are experiencing, it is bit strange to see something still coming from 30 years in the past. I see advertisements in national newspapers offering U.S. government silver dollars for sale. The wording always is careful, but gives the impression of some recent government action that makes these coins available. Nothing could be further from the truth. But the strange thing is the template for these ads was basically written in the 1970s when the government was indeed selling off three million silver dollars through the ... Click for coin article

Coin from space lands in museum floor,
Special coin disguised in mosaic on rotunda floor. The newest artifact at the Bob Bullock Texas State History Museum might be a little hard to find. In fact, it is hidden away so much that several people will probably step on it without knowing. A coin made from metal which was aboard the Expedition 20 space flight is now embedded into the mosaic on the floor of the museum rotunda. "It is not apart of the exhibits, but it is now a part of the museum," said museum spokesperson Timothy Dillon. The coin unveiled on Monday was given to the museum by NASA astronaut ... Click for coin article

Beijing to hold stamp, coin expo,
The 2010 Beijing International Stamp and Coin Exposition (BISCE) will open in the Chinese capital on Nov. 7, organizers said Tuesday. The four-day event will serve as a platform for collectors from home and broad to display their stamp and coin collections and seek business opportunities, said Jing Jun, deputy general manager of China Gold Coin Inc. (CGCI) ... Click for coin article

Look to Luster When Grading Foreign,
Foreign coins can present some unique problems for graders. There is a lack of grading guides, different grading standards, unfamiliar coins and an infinite variety of designs produced by different mints. Fortunately, all of these impediments can be overcome with familiarly, study and practice. About 18 percent of the coins we receive at Independent Coin Graders on a weekly basis are from countries other than the United States. Their designs, size and compositions are so variable that it would be virtually impossible to produce a useful grading reference such ... Click for coin article

1879 'Washlady' dollar brings $161,000 to lead $9.42 million Heritage COINFEST auction,
Rare U.S. Coins continue to provide for steady, even stellar prices in a crawling national economy, as evidenced by Heritage's $9.42 million COINFEST Signature® U.S. Coin Auction, held Oct. 27-30 at the Marriott Hotel & Spa in Stamford, CT, and by the auction's top lot, a magnificent 1879 Washlady dollar, which brought $161,000. "These results are 20% percent higher than our pre-sale projections," said Greg Rohan, President of Heritage Auctions. "The market for rare coins is, simply put, very strong. The best examples continue to command ..." Click for coin article

Goldline International and Disney Celebrate Disney's 50th Animated Film with Commemorative Coin,
Goldline International, Inc. announced today that the company is the official sponsor of an exclusive, limited quantity Disney commemorative coin in celebration of the release of Disney's 50th full-length animated film "Tangled" at Hollywood's historic El Capitan Theatre. "We're honored to celebrate this exciting Disney milestone by making this exclusive coin available to Disney fans of all ages," said Mark Albarian, President and CEO of Goldline. Albarian noted that it is Goldline's 50th anniversary in the rare coins and precious metals industry ... Click for coin article

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