New Quarter Sets, Gold Coin Scams, NGC Registry Awards

Welcome to Something About Coins! Today's articles cover a range of current coin topics circulating the internet. The U.S. Mint will be launching new sets of this year's quarters in November, and numismatic organizations have put together a list of contacts for anyone who wants to report or get help about a poor gold dealer or transaction. There's also a story on a metal detector enthusiast who found a rare gold coin. Wrapping it up is an announcement from NGC (Numismatic Guarantee Corporation) about their 2010 Registry Awards. Enjoy!

America the Beautiful Quarter Coin Sets Scheduled for November 2010,
The United States Mint officially scheduled launch dates for brand new sets containing 2010 America the Beautiful Quarters™. The U.S. Mint offered the sets through its subscription service beginning in May 2010, but had not announced when buyers could order them directly. On November 17, 2010, the Mint will issue the debuting three-coin set featuring two uncirculated and one proof Hot Springs quarters. Dubbed the 2010 America the Beautiful Quarters Three-Coin Set™ and available for every 2010 quarter strike, the set includes one uncirculated ... Click for coin article

Gold Coin Scam Victims: Where To Turn For Help,
What do you do when a gold seller fails to deliver or the merchandise you received was not as described when you ordered it? Who can you contact for help when you don't receive payment for gold you've submitted to sell? In two recent cases, "Howard" in Mississippi wired $20,000 several months ago to a California coin and bullion dealer to purchase gold coins, and "Richard" in Virginia sent $150,000 to the same dealer. With the recent run-up in bullion prices they both would have made a nice profit, except they still have not received any gold from ... Click for coin article

Look Out Day After Election,
On Friday, Oct. 15, shortly before the U.S. COMEX started trading, Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke addressed a conference sponsored by the Boston Federal Reserve Bank. In his speech, Bernanke stated that the risk of deflation and high unemployment means that it appears that there is a need for further "quantitative easing" (inflation of the money supply) by the Federal Reserve. The speech is a perfect example of a politician trying to speak out of both sides of his mouth at the same time. He repeatedly used qualifying words rather than ... Click for coin article

Gold dominates market,
Gold is currently the engine that is driving the rare coin market. It seems that Coin World's Market Analysis of late has been alternating between gold one week and everything else the next week. However, an emphasis on gold is appropriate as the market has never seen gold hit the levels that it is currently hitting. On Oct. 11, the price of gold hit a record London PM fix of $1,351 an ounce and at one point during the day hovered at $1,360. On Oct. 12, the banking investment firm Goldman Sachs raised its gold price forecasts to $1,400, $1,525 and $1,650 ... Click for coin article

Rare coin is highlight of years of searching,
On the list of most desirable finds with a metal detector for a relic hunter are Civil War belt buckles, rare buttons, weapons, silver and gold coins. I metal-detect primarily for Civil War artifacts but I like to find coins also. I do not metal-detect specifically for coins but if I find a Civil War camp, I will probably find a few coins and they will be old. The older the coin the more valuable they usually are. The holy grail of coins are gold coins. I have been metal detecting 21 years and I have only found two gold coins and both of them were in Civil War camps ... Click for coin article

NGC Registry Awards 2010,
Every year, NGC awards the top Competitive Sets and Custom Sets in the NGC Registry. To qualify, your sets must be registered by 5 p.m. ET on December 3, 2010. As in past years, the winners will include world-class collections and incredible exhibitions. Make sure yours are among them, and see if your collection has what it takes! This year, awards are being presented in the following categories: Competitive Set Awards Awards will be presented in the following four categories: The Five Best Classic Sets: 1792-1964; The Five Best Modern Sets ... Click for coin article

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