2010 US Coin Production, World Coin Releases

Welcome to Something About Coins! Reports are out regarding the U.S. Mint's reduction of new coins, and thoughtful consideration is given to building world coin sets. Those are two topics in today's blog. Other articles cover new coins from the Mint of Finland, the Perth Mint of Australia, and the National Bank of Poland.

US Mint August 2010 Coin Production Declines, CoinNews.net
The United States Mint produced fewer coins in August, marking a second straight month of declines and pulling further away from a string of four monthly increases set between February and June 2010. However, the August decrease came in at a more modest 3.7 percent as compared to the higher 16.0 percent drop in output the U.S. Mint reported for July. Also, August levels did not fall across the board for every coin. The Mint struck substantially more Presidential Dollars and America the Beautiful Quarters™. Three ... Click for coin article

Consider expanding to world coins, NumismaticNews.net
What's a young collector to do when United States coins are expensive and beyond her budget, and when she realizes that she can only begin collecting a new series of coins, but never finish? If she does what I did four decades ago she can broaden her horizons and begin collecting coins of the world. There are so many countries to choose from, much to learn, and so many different and unusual pieces, denominations and ways to collect. It’s a whole new world, literally. The local coin shop ... Click for coin article

Mint of Finland issues a coin incorporating hand-crafted filigree, CoinLink.com
Filigree technique has never been used in coin minting before. Mint of Finland issues a coin which incorporates hand-crafted filigree on October 15. Mint of Finland presented the Cabbage Rabbit Filigree coin in American Numismatic Association's conference in Boston on August 11. The Filigree coin aroused plenty of interest in the conference. The Cabbage Rabbit Filigree coin will be issued by the Mint of Finland on October 15. In the middle of the collector coin there is a delicate rabbit made of filigree ... Click for coin article

Perth Mint September Releases!, eurocollections.blogspot.com
The Perth Mint has released their September treasure trove of numismatic goodies to an eager collector community. Issued today are a selection of stunning new release silver coins continuing popular series', a sure-to-be highly sought after proof collection and the hotly anticipated 2011 bullion coins in gold and silver. First cab of the rank is the latest Perth Mint struck issue in the impressive "Great Warriors" silver coin series. Released as a four coin series throughout the year, the "Knight" coin is the 3rd in ... Click for coin article

The 90th Anniversary of the Battle of Warsaw 2010 Silver Proof Coin from Poland, blog.beautifulcoins.com
The National Bank of Poland introduces this 20 Zt silver proof 2010 coin to commemorate the 90th anniversary of the Battle of Warsaw. It features a Polish soldier with a gun, and a colored fragment of 'Miracle at the Vistula', a painting by Jerzy Kossak. The Battle of Warsaw (also referred to as the Miracle at the Vistula) is a battle fought in August 1920 during the Polish-Soviet war. It is considered one of the decisive battles in the history of the world as it prevented the loss of independence by Poland ... Click for coin article

Central Bank issues silver, gold cultural coins, TimesOfMalta.com
The Central Bank has issued silver and gold coins depicting the façade of the Auberge d'Italie, in Valletta as part of the Europa Programme 2010 on cultural heritage. The other side of the coins show the emblem of Malta and the year of issue – 2010. The auberge, situated in Merchants Street, houses the offices of the Parliamentary Secretary for Tourism, the Environment and Culture and the Malta Tourism Authority ... Click for coin article

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