July 2010

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US Gold, Vatican Money, Dinosaur Coins

US Gold, Vatican Money, Dinosaur Coins

Welcome back to Something About Coins! The U.S. Mint lowered their price for gold collector coins, and the Vatican started to circulate their collectible coins, a 50-cent piece. Other news about 50-cent coins include Canada’s new dinosaur coin, a Kennedy error, and current values of Franklin half dollars. Later articles reveal some buried treasure and [...]

French Mint Coin Designer, £10 Coin, 2010 Vancouver Commemoratives

Welcome to Something About Coins! Today’s hot topics in coin news uncover new coin designs and designers at world mints. They span the French Mint, the Royal Mint, and the Royal Canadian Mint. Other articles describe rare coins that are coming up for auction at Boston’s World’s Fair of Money and a special coin exhibit [...]