September 2009

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Long Beach Sales, Shopping for Deals, Soaring Gold Amerian Eagles

Welcome back to Something About Coins! The results are coming in from the Long Beach Coin Expo that was held over the weekend. My dad was there, so I asked him today what the attendance was like, and all he said was that he’s seen better.  Well, that’s my dad.  As honest as good ole’ [...]

Error Coins Return, America Quarters News, 1852-O Half Dime

Welcome back to Something About Coins! I hope you had a great weekend. Hats off to three PNG members who orchestrated the recovery and return of 12 stolen error coins. 12 error coins were recovered and returned to their owner eight years after the theft, according to a press release by the Professional Numismatists Guild [...]

9/11 Coin Introduced, America the Beautiful Bullion, Oregon Trail Half Dollars

Welcome back to Something About Coins. It’s a somber day as many Americans reflect on that horrible event that occurred eight years ago in downtown New York. One such reflector, Congressman Nadler of NY, introduced a bill yesterday in the House calling for a 9/11 Coin to be minted in 2011. The coin would commemorate [...]

Redfield’s Hoard, America Bullion Coins, Fake Coins

Welcome back to Something About Coins! Most coin collectors try to collect quality, but it appears LaVere Redfield collected quantity, and in some ways, that’s helped today’s silver dollar collectors. New, extra large silver bullion coins are on the horizon, as part of the America the Beautiful program from the U.S. Mint. And getting counterfeit [...]

2010 American Quarters, Roman Coins Unearthed, Roosevelt Dimes Considered

Welcome back to Something About Coins! Today’s buzz is all about the new eleven year quarters program. States across America are talking about their own national park/site featured in the new U.S. Mint program. Coin news is also circulating about the ancient coins found in a cave outside of Jerusalem. As another item, Numismaster has [...]

Odd Denomination Coins, $10 Liberty Head Gold, Washington Quarters

Welcome back to Something About Coins!  I hope you enjoyed your long weekend.  I had fun reading the articles below.  I hope you do too. Odd denomination US coins like the two-cent pieces from the 1860′s make nice collectibles, and the linked article by Mark Benvenuto provides the facts and advice you need to know [...]

Lincoln Cent Die Cracks, Lincoln Coin & Chronicles Set Lotto? Successful Collecting

Any major die crack on a Proof coin is considered collectible, and two have been reported on the Professional Life Lincoln Cent reverse that originated from 18-coin Proof Sets. Ken Potter of Numismatic News describes these prominent die cracks, and he wants to be notified if more are found. An image is presented, as well [...]

Chinese Coins, Early Large Cents Collection at Auction, American Eagle August Sales

Welcome back to Something About Coins! Here are four new coin articles in the news I found most interesting today. Peoples Bank of China will issue new gold and silver coins on September 16 to commemorate the founding of the People’s Republic of China’s 60th anniversary. The coins will be produced by Shenzhen Guobao Mint [...]

Jackson’s Liberty, Brasher Doubloon, Selling Unwanted Gold, U.S. Gold Coins Prices Rise

When the Sarah Polk First Spouse Gold Coin goes on sale tomorrow from the U.S. Mint, you can probably expect the uncirculated Jackson’s Liberty to go off sale, according to the linked article. It reports that in the past, the U.S. Mint discontinued the oldest coin in the series immediately before releasing the newest [...]

Kangaroo & Koala Bullion Coins, Polk First Spouse Coin, New Legislation

The Perth Mint of Australia launches the 2010 Kangaroo Gold Coin Series today, featuring two kangaroos boxing in the outback on the smaller coins, one ounce and below. The larger kilo gold coin features the classic hopping kangaroo design. Generally, these bullion coins are not available directly from The Perth Mint’s website, since they are [...]