1933 Double Eagle Court Order, UHR Limits Lifted, Counterfeit Coin Kits

Welcome back to Something About Coins! Those famous 1933 Double Eagle coins are in the news again, and so is the 2009 UHR Double Eagle. Also, more advice is given about how to spot counterfeit coins.

The New York Times is running a piece on the 1933 $20 Double Eagle gold coins. The court, per the article, recently told the U.S. Mint they have until the end of September to either return the coins to the Langbord family or take action to try to prove they were stolen. The article also recounts how the family treasure was discovered and surprisingly seized by the U.S. Mint.

Also in the news, the order limit on the 2009 UHR Double Eagles, which is currently at 25, will be completely removed next Monday, September 21st, reports CoinNews.net. Highly graded UHR double eagles are selling at premium prices on the secondary market, according to the report, even though mintages have been increasing.

A new collector set from the U.S. Mint launches tomorrow at noon. It's the James Polk $1 coin and Sarah Polk medal set. It says in the article that similar sets for previous Presidential $1 Coin & First Spouse Medal sets can be found on eBay at higher prices after the mint has stopped selling them.

Finally, since I brought up eBay, I want to point out a valuable article by Susan Headley from About.com: Coins. She describes how to assemble your own five tool counterfeit detection kit. The first tool is a magnet. To find out more, visit her link.

Thank you for reading. See you tomorrow!

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  1. Koichi Ito

    Government has no right to seize rare coins such as 19933 Double Eagle, unless stolen! And I think that 2009 UHR Double Eagles are good investment, because it will not be minted again!

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