Error Coins Return, America Quarters News, 1852-O Half Dime

Welcome back to Something About Coins! I hope you had a great weekend. Hats off to three PNG members who orchestrated the recovery and return of 12 stolen error coins.

12 error coins were recovered and returned to their owner eight years after the theft, according to a press release by the Professional Numismatists Guild today. The coins showed up when a client contacted a dealer to sell a large group of coins and currency. After researching for market values, it was discovered that 12 of the coins were part of 44 coins stolen in 2001.

In other news of the day, the 56 national parks chosen for America the Beautiful quarter program are getting loads of attention, and has rounded them up into one cohesive article. What sets this article apart from all the rest is that a link to each park's official website is given, along with local media articles. I'm sure this article took some time to assemble. If you take time to visit each of these sites within this article, you'll start to realize the potential beautiful artwork that should arise from this quarter program.

Switching from new coins to old, the 1852-O half dime receives attention from Paul Green. He writes a historical account of it on Green considers this coin a great value and a sleeper. He highlights how it can be compared to the 1916-D Mercury dime, yet the Mercury dime experiences greater demand and sells for more.

And finally, Gary Eggleston writes an article for BellaOnline about three common coin collecting accessories and the importance of taking care of coins.

Thanks for reading! See you tomorrow!

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