9/11 Coin Introduced, America the Beautiful Bullion, Oregon Trail Half Dollars

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It's a somber day as many Americans reflect on that horrible event that occurred eight years ago in downtown New York. One such reflector, Congressman Nadler of NY, introduced a bill yesterday in the House calling for a 9/11 Coin to be minted in 2011. The coin would commemorate the tenth anniversary of the terrorist attacks and the establishment of the National September 11 Memorial & Museum at the World Trade Center. If the 9/11 coin bill passes in the House & Senate and gets signed by the President, the U.S. Mint would strike up to 2,000,000 silver proof and uncirculated coins.

Something I talked about yesterday was the America the Beautiful Silver Bullion Coins, coming next year with the new quarters program. There's a big article on SilverCoinsToday.com with specifications for the bullion coins, and it reports the release dates for each of the 56 selected sites.

Oregon Trail half dollars were reviewed earlier this week on the Heritage Blog, the official blog of Heritage Auction Galleries. John Dale describes the commemorative Oregon Trail coins in detail and with a little humor. He talks about its beauty and each of its multiple mintages.

In a gold related article, not really coin related, a rare tour of Ft. Knox was allowed in 1974. Writer David L. Ganz was one of the few people who got to go. His amazing experience was posted on NumisMaster.com. He said that only certain members of the press and Congress were allowed to enter the vaults, and the purpose was to confirm the gold was there. It is a very cool article.

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