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Odd denomination US coins like the two-cent pieces from the 1860's make nice collectibles, and the linked article by Mark Benvenuto provides the facts and advice you need to know if you want them in your coin collection. Benvenuto examines five odd coins: the two-cent piece, the silver three-cent piece, the nickel three-cent piece, the silver 20-cent piece, and the gold $3 coin. Desirable prices, notable grades, and interesting history make this article valuable reading.

The biggest collection of Roman coins found in Britain this year was discovered last month by Nick Davies, on his first treasure hunt with a metal detector. The approximately 10,000 Roman coins that were in a large clay pot are estimated to be silver and bronze 'nummi' coins dating around 320AD. The pot was broken at the top, and several coins were spread out around the pot. Davies said, "This added at least another 300 coins to the total - it's fantastically exciting. I never expected to find such treasure on my first outing with the detector."

More coverage was given to the Perth Mint coins designed for their 2010 Silver Bullion Coin Program. The Perth Mint's 2010 program consists of the Australian Kookaburra Silver Coin Series, Australian Koala Silver Coin Series and the Australian Lunar Silver Coin Series. More images and coin specifications are found in this article on CoinNews.net. The kookaburra is a bird, the koala is a bear, and 2010's Lunar coin has an image of a tiger.

Not many people can collect $10 Liberty Head Gold Coins, especially in today's economy, but if you're going to go after a rare collection, Doug Winters has some advice. Besides choosing a great rare coins dealer, Winters recommends doing something every collector should do when starting a collection. He says, "I would draft a list that included every date in the series and make a decision what grade range I’d want for each date. The most common mistake that collectors make is that they overspend on the common issues and underspend on the keys."

Finding a coin you like and collecting a short set or the whole series, not because everyone else is doing it but because you just like that coin, is what the hobby is all about. Before the state quarters series started in 1999, one could easily cherry pick the best US Quarters with few serious problems, per this article on NumisMaster.com. It's an arousing account of one collector's Washington Quarter Collection, with insights to the enjoyment of collecting from circulation coins. Scarce dates and mintages are also described.

Speaking of circulation coins, Jamaica has two new coins in circulation today. The newly designed one and ten dollar coins are both round, as opposed to the old designs of the heptagonal shaped one dollar and the scalloped-shaped ten dollar. The Bank of Jamaica issued its press release last month, and the new coins hit the streets today.

Here are some Jamaican Coins on the secondary market:

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