Lincoln Cent Die Cracks, Lincoln Coin & Chronicles Set Lotto? Successful Collecting

Any major die crack on a Proof coin is considered collectible, and two have been reported on the Professional Life Lincoln Cent reverse that originated from 18-coin Proof Sets. Ken Potter of Numismatic News describes these prominent die cracks, and he wants to be notified if more are found. An image is presented, as well as stats on U.S. Mint's errors.

Does the U.S. Mint have a lotto? Dave Harper takes an interesting look at the Mint's limited Lincoln Coin & Chronicles Set that is coming in October. The set will include four proof 2009 Lincoln cents and a proof of the bicentennial Lincoln commemorative coin. Not many will be made, only 50,000, and a sellout is expected.

Successful coin collectors know two things. First, they know what they're collecting - they've educated themselves with the right information about their hobby; and second, they know why they're collecting - they know their true motivation or reason for starting to collect in the first place. Gary Eggleston, BellaOnline's Stamps Editor, provides more insight about the hobby of collecting in this article.

Finally, I wanted to mention that the U.S. Mint celebrated the launching of American Samoa commemorative quarters yesterday in Pago Pago. It is the fourth coin released in the 2009 District of Columbia and U.S. Territories Quarters Program. Only two more releases are left. The U.S. Mint also came out with their August coin production numbers, which have been charted at, and shows the mintage figures for the quarters.

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