Kangaroo & Koala Bullion Coins, Polk First Spouse Coin, New Legislation

The Perth Mint of Australia launches the 2010 Kangaroo Gold Coin Series today, featuring two kangaroos boxing in the outback on the smaller coins, one ounce and below. The larger kilo gold coin features the classic hopping kangaroo design. Generally, these bullion coins are not available directly from The Perth Mint's website, since they are limited to coin wholesalers and dealers.

Also from The Perth Mint today is the new 2010 Koala Bullion Silver Coins. These coins come in four different sizes and have a new image of an Australian koala sitting on a tree branch eating leaves. I didn't see any order details on The Perth Mint's website this morning. They usually offer the one ounce version directly, and the other sizes are sold through their distributors. Right now their 2009 Koala coin is still for sale on their website.

Sarah Polk First Spouse Gold Coins will go on sale at the US Mint this Thursday. You will be able to buy Proof or Uncirculated 24-karat gold coins, and the order limit is 10 per household - for now. The Sarah Polk coin is the 12th in the First Spouse Gold Coin series that started in 2007.

Does low mintages of a coin mean that they are rare and more valuable? Not always, as Coin Values highlights in a recent online article about the 2008 Kennedy half dollars. Steve Roach covers some of the latest values for the Kennedys.

To find out what new coins and medals might be produced at the US Mint, you can peek at the coin bills Congress has yet to authorize. David Ganz of Numismatic News covers all the coin legislation Congress will see this fall. You might actually want to read some of the acts for more details. My favorite place to do this is on CoinNews.net via their Coin Legislation page.

Here are some U.S. Commemorative Coins on the secondary market:

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