Ancient Coin Display, Popular Coins and $2 Dollar Bills, Scavenging with Metal Detectors

Today, Gardendale Jewelry is displaying ancient coins that date from 336 B.C. to 300 A.D. Visitors can actually touch these ancient coins that would normally be untouchable in a museum. The coins are on loan from Los Angeles this week, and they are for sale. So if you live near Gardendale, Alabama, you'll want to stop by now. I called to verify the display started today, and the gentleman confirmed it did, but he wasn't sure if it ends Friday or Saturday.

Dollar coins and $2 bills will become much more popular in Lincolnton, North Carolina. Their Downtown Development Association is promoting "Strange Change" -- a marketing effort to make dollar coins and $2 bills symbols of support for locally owned businesses. Residents can show their support of locally owned businesses by using dollar coins and $2 bills. In conjunction, many participating downtown businesses will be giving change back to cash customers in dollar coins and $2 bills.

A New Yorker describes her first scavenger hunt with a metal detector in this article. She hit Coney Island with her 3 year old daughter with hopes of a lucrative treasure hunt. The beeping and sifting, the interested little crowd, and the final outcome are all cleverly described.

Coin of the Year is coming up, and you can nominate your favorite 2008 coin right now. Last week, Dave Harper of Numismatic News wrote some tips for submission in his blog -- you'll want to include an image and specs about the coin, like the denomination, weight, composition, and so forth.

The Vegas Collection, offered by Heritage's Long Beach Auction, was started by an eight year old and continued to improve because he searched and upgraded his outstanding collection throughout his life. Read the highlights and history behind the Vegas Collection, and make a bid for a coin or coins at

Finally, as a reminder, today you can buy more UHR $20 Gold Coins. The US Mint raised the ordering limit for the UHR $20 Gold Coin from 10 to 25 per household. Visit to order yours.

If you'd like to know how UHR $20 Gold Coins are doing on the secondary market, check out these eBay auctions:

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